Creating a digital sales assistant with Monoloq is a seamless process. The initial step involves integrating your product inventory with Monoloq, followed by configuring the assistant and deploying it on your website. The subsequent sections will guide you through each step, beginning with creating a new assistant by accessing the dashboard and selecting the "+" Assistant card, which will launch the assistant creation wizard.

Inventory Integration

Monoloq is designed to familiarize itself with your store's inventory, enabling a personalized shopping experience. The first phase in creating a sales assistant is inventory integration. To simplify this process, we offer integrations for various platforms. Currently, the following integrations are available:

For guidance on integrating your inventory, please consult the relevant integration guide.

If you created your account immediately after installing the Monoloq Shopify app from the Shopify App Store, your account will be limited to creating assistants for Shopify stores.


Upon successfully integrating your inventory, it's time to configure your assistant by providing the following settings:

Language Select the language in which your product descriptions are written. If your store uses multiple languages, we recommend English as the source language, if possible.

Host Domain Enter the domain of your website (e.g., ""). Note that your chatbot will only be available on this domain. Do not include the "https://" part but include all subdomains like "www".

Shop Name Provide your shop's name, which the assistant will use to refer to your store.

Shop Description Offer a concise yet comprehensive description of your shop, which the assistant will use as context for all conversations. If you later on observe that the assistant is not able to understand the context of a conversation, you can use this field to provide additional information.


Once you've provided the necessary information, initiate the creation of your assistant by clicking the "Create" button. The process can take up to 24 hours for exceptionally large stores but is typically completed within a few hours. We will also notify you by email once your assistant is ready for deployment.

Monitor your assistant's status by checking the state indicator in the top right corner of your assistant card. When the indicator turns green, your assistant is ready for deployment. Refer to the deployment guide for more information.

When integrating with your WooCommerce store, make sure you are using non-default permalinks for products in your store.