Welcome to Monoloq, the state-of-the-art solution for elevating your online store's customer engagement! Our cutting-edge SaaS platform delivers AI-powered sales assistants (chatbots) that captivate your customers through amiable, human-like interactions. Monoloq chatbots excel in guiding customers to suitable products, addressing inquiries instantaneously, and promoting products tailored to individual preferences and past interactions.


Customer Service

Monoloq efficiently addresses questions customers may have about your products or services, relieving pressure on customer service teams while enriching the overall shopping experience. With the Knowledge Base feature, you have precise controll over the information monoloq can access when responding to customer inquiries. Additionally, monoloq can access information from your store's website.

Tailored Product Recommendations

Monoloq utilizes the vast internal knowledge to suggest products based on individual customer preferences and previous interactions. This customer-centric approach increases the likelihood of customers discovering products they adore, resulting in a higher probability of successful sales conversions.

Effortless Interaction

Monoloq's digital sales assistant manifests as a chat bubble on your website, making it effortless for customers to initiate and sustain conversations. Should a customer exit the site and return later, monoloq will resume the dialogue without missing a beat.

Expert Consultation

Leveraging the power of ChatGPT, monoloq draws from an extensive knowledge base to serve as personal customer consultant. It listens to customers' needs and preferences, offering bespoke recommendations to help them make well-informed decisions, ultimately enhancing their overall shopping experience. This ranges from simple questins like "What colors go well with blue?" to more complex, technical inquiries like "What is the difference between a LCD and Plasma TV?"

Product Pitches

When customers visit a product page, monoloq can deliver a compelling pitch, customized according to prior conversations. This empowers customers to make informed decisions, further boosting the chances of conversion.

In summary, monoloq AI-powered sales assistants offer an indispensable tool for elevating your customers' shopping experience, driving conversion rates, and alleviating the burden on customer service. By harnessing internal knowledge and delivering personalized attention, monoloq servea as a priceless asset for online retailers seeking to amplify their customer engagement.