This page provides some possible solutins for common issues you might encounter while using monoloq. If you can't find a solution to your problem here, please contact us at

My assistant does not show up in my shop.

To resolve your assistant not showing up in your shop, please consider the following:

  • Not Deployed: Your assistant might not be deployed yet. See the deployment guide for more information.
  • Still Creating: If you just created your assistent, it might not be active yet. Please check if your assistants state is "Active" by checking the state indicator in the top right corner of the assistant card or next to the assistant name in the top bar. If the indicator is pulsing yellow, red or green, your assistant is still being created. In this case, please wait until the assistant has reached the "Active" state. We will also notify you via email when your assistant is ready.
  • Quota Hit: You might have hit a daily or monthly quota. Check your current usage and quotas in the Usage & Subscription page in the dashboard. If you have hit a quota, you can try to increase your self set quotas or upgrade your plan. See the quotas guide for more information.

I customized my assistant but it still has the old design in my shop.

If you customized your assistant but it still has the old design in your shop, please consider the following:

  • Backend Caching: We cache appearance settings of your bot for up to 60 seconds. Thus, please allow up to 60 seconds for your changes to take effect in your shop.
  • Browser Caching: Your browser might be caching the old design. Try to clear your browser cache and reload the page. You can also open your website in an incognito window (no caching mechanism) and you should be able to see the new design.

I implemented a custom language setting, but the assistant doesn't seem to recognize the changes.

Please note that due to caching mechanisms, the assistant may require up to 60 seconds to begin using the updated message in the new language. We kindly ask for your patience, and suggest waiting a brief period to allo wfor the assistant to pick up the changes.