Best Practices

To maximize the effectiveness of Monoloq's AI assistant when using the Knowledge Base feature, it is important to create well-structured and focused documents. This guide will provide you with best practices for creating Knowledge Base documents that will enhance your assistant's performance and customer experience.

Create focused documents

Instead of creating a few long documents that cover multiple topics, opt for smaller, focused documents that address a single topic or question. This approach makes it easier for the AI assistant to find relevant information quickly and provide more accurate answers to customer inquiries.

Be concise and clear

Write your content in a clear and concise manner. Avoid lengthy explanations, and provide direct answers or information whenever possible. This ensures that the AI assistant can understand and relay the information to your customers effectively.

Use plain language

To make your content more accessible to both the AI assistant and your customers, use plain language and avoid jargon or industry-specific terms. When necessary, provide explanations for complex terms to ensure clarity.

Answer common questions

Include answers to frequently asked questions about your products or services in your Knowledge Base documents. This allows the AI assistant to quickly provide helpful information to customers, reducing the need for repetitive manual responses from your support team.

Update regularly

Ensure that your Knowledge Base documents remain up-to-date by revisiting and updating them regularly. As your products, services, or policies change, make sure to update the relevant documents to provide the AI assistant with the most accurate information.

By following these best practices, you can create effective Knowledge Base documents that will empower your Monoloq AI assistant to provide better customer support and improve the overall customer experience on your e-commerce store.